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Check out the folks here. Most large format landscape photographers I know have used this lens for their field work, primarily because it's arguably the best you can buy in this focal length. Ebony, a company famous for exquisite, handmade large-format cameras, makes a version that will run you close to Linhoff prices. This model offers reliable exposure settings, an accurate TTL exposure meter, and batteries that will last for years. The Adidas Ultraboost has been a Gear Patrol favorite since it launched in 2015. This insane camera … Be aware that while large format film is easy enough to get in the US, you might have to resort to some international shopping in other territories. Check. If you’re looking to get into large-format film, these cameras are great, are available with a host of different lenses and can be found for a relative steal. It’s suitable for all photography types, and the broad range of exposure settings gives you unlimited control during shooting. Walker Cameras | Large Format Cameras & Accessories . All use I-Type film, the same size and quality as the 600 format, but without a battery, so it can't power vintage cameras. While you can fit a rangefinder in your pocket or a medium-sized model in a backpack, a large format camera will require a minivan. Professional Cloth Bellow View 8x10 for Eastman Kodak 2D Large Format Camera Film Camera Accessories. A large format camera has three components: body, lens, and film back. Picking up a fully manual camera got me back to high school photo classes and reminded me of rules of thumb like “Sunny 16” and guide number flash distance. Checkmate. Large format cameras are ... as large-format digital cameras … Slide film is characterized by strong, saturated colors, sharp contrast, fine grain, a more fickle exposure range (slide film can usually only be recoverable when under- or over-exposed by one stop compared to negative film’s three or four) and, of course, a color-positive film. With features such as Live View and video recording, as well as new ways of focusing, the new Leica M camera fully satisfies the demands of modern photographers. As far as quality per dollar, you can’t beat a lot of old film cameras. Unlike the above Horseman 4×5, which was a whole process to set up and carry, this was actually a portable large format camera. Talking about formats, 6×9 is not the only format, folder cameras are using. The sound of the mirror coming before an exposure is enough to start an avalanche. Today, you’ll find photographers behind its iconic body for professional work because of the excellent FD mount lenses available, such as the 50mm f1.2. Don't forget the film: You’re going to need some film. The camera’s compact size allows taking it with you everywhere and using it immediately without dealing with a dozen different settings. It’s the biggest, it’s the best, but it can also be a bit daunting. In this review, I will show you top 16 best film cameras that will never be out of fashion. A mid-range digital medium-format camera will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000; an excellent one will be closer to $30,000. If you’re going to start developing your own film or just want a great medium-speed black-and-white film, Tri-X is the easy choice. The Mamiya 7 II utilizes a leaf shutter (which means that the shutter is actually in the lens) that can sync flash speeds to 1/500th of a second. Kodak’s hallmark black-and-white film has been around forever and its easy development, good-looking grain structure, perfectly balanced contrast and killer shadow detail mean it won’t likely leave the throne soon. Item location: Japan Brand : Toyo View. Luckily, they’re doing a damn good job. Read forums. This model may loo… In addition, it is protected from moisture and dust, so you shouldn’t worry about the device while shooting in difficult weather conditions. Fujifilm is known more for making great film than they are for their cameras. With a camera to suit all tastes and demands, Chroma is the most flexible family of … Right now, Lo & Sons is offering 50 percent off its must-have weekender duffel, the Catalina Deluxe. This is definitely the best 35mm camera that was created thanks to the collaboration of Hasselblad and Fuji camera brands. Large Format Film Cameras Large format cameras, as the name implies, are specifically designed to offer a larger size of film at a higher resolution than medium or small format cameras. Sporting leather exteriors trimmed with metal, the camera folds down for compact storage and unfolds easily enough to snap a cat before it can escape (the sneaky bugger). For many, that sense of history is best captured and enjoyed through a vintage camera context, and believe us, there’s no shortage of those on the market. Simply put, if you want the highest-resolution black-and-white film, this is the one you want. Some of these models have a fixed lens and a built-in exposure meter, while other devices have aperture priority or shutter priority. Using such photo gear is far more interesting than a regular digital camera, and the taken photos aren’t just high quality, but also have soul. Large format cameras have a number of tangible and intangible benefits when it comes to photography and the general approaches a photographer can take with his or her work. Yashica MAT 124 TLR. There is dirty. They’re perfect for portrait shoots. In 1996 Walker Cameras introduced the world’s first ABS mould-injected plastic large format camera. The other reason is that it has a very large film format(4 inches x 5 inches, thus the term 4×5 camera). Kostenloser Versand {EXC+5} WISTA 45 D 4x5 Large Format Field Film Camera W/ Cut Holder x5 JAPAN 792. The magic of this kind of camera lies in this large film format. This device is very easy to use. People say that Nikon F6 has the best focusing system among all Nikon film cameras. A pack of Instax Wide film costs around $10 for 10 photographs, so one shot will cost $1. Leica’s Black-and-White Digital Camera Is More Affordable Than Ever, This $50 Camera Changed My Photography Forever, The Olympus E-M1 III Is the Perfect Amount of Camera and Not an Ounce More, The Handy Camera Trick That Has Saved My Ass So Many Times, By AJ Powell with additional reporting by Chris Gampat, Henry Phillips and Tucker Bowe. I can get the amazing results of medium-format photography without auctioning off naming rights to my first-born. Available in a selection of styles and colours, to suit your own personal style. But the hobby — the art — is deeper still; the equipment you use says just as much about your craft as your subjects or the developed, framed end product. Learn More: Here. Each system works with a different type of film. If you’re searching for good film cameras that offer portability, solid functionality, and are perfect for traveling, W67 is a good choice. Every DSLR has a manual mode and manual focus, but — be honest — how many times have you used it while shooting day to day? This item has checked at the professional camera shop in JAPAN. Aside from the lens, however, the T4 is a fun, simple and relatively cheap compact camera, great for taking to house parties and day adventures. We offer large format films in various sizes. Be careful when buying lenses, as the leaves are prone to jamming up from oils or fungus. Pentax still manufactures a number of interesting focal length lenses such as 31mm, 43mm and 71mm — and any Pentax fan will speak volumes on their quality. Choose a model from one of the largest brands of the 70th: Leica, Hasselblad, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Makina, Pentax or Fujifilm. Unlike the above Horseman 4×5, which was a whole process to set up and carry, this was actually a portable large format camera. The only drawback is the lack of a lock on the release buttons. Accessories : Lens Boad, Bellows . The TL in its name designates a metered prism viewfinder, though non-metered versions are also available. The Shen Hao, however, is around $2,000 brand new. Moreover, the classic, laconic design deserves special attention. It works perfectly without a battery. They're a perfect crossover for training and run commuting. Skip the pawn shops. Still, the pure technology behind the feature is something that should be rekindled in today’s world. That’s why it’s better to choose one of the first two formats. Best Medium Format Film Cameras. On sale for under $400, this is the office chair purchase to make. Compared to Kodak, Fuji usually has a slightly greener, slightly colder tone (compare the example links for Fujicolor and Portra to see what we’re talking about) that usually injects a bit more emotion into a given picture. The great number of AE-1’s features and intuitive controls make it the best Canon film camera of its time. EUR 413,44. The Pentax K1000 exuded simplicity and reliability, and was widely used for a very long time. You won’t get to see the results until the moment has long passed — and that’s pretty scary if it’s something important. And the backs also rotate to allow you to switch between landscape and portrait orientation without moving the camera or tripod. How to pick a good film camera? Available in a selection of styles and colours, to suit your own personal style. Today you can add a film effect to all your photos while color correction in Lightroom. Fujichrome Velvia 50: When people talk about slide film these days they’re almost always talking about Velvia. It isn’t a staid combination of ones and zeros that can be checked and adjusted ad infinitum, but rather light coming in and freezing little chunks of silver halide forever like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check prices at KEH here Versand: + EUR 67,63 Versand [Exc+++] Tachihara Hope Field 4x5 Large Format Film Camera from JAPAN 525 . As for me, it’s one of the top film cameras, which will help in many situations to get sharp images. Electronics $175.99 $ 175. Later Rolleiflex models have 75mm f/3.5 and 80mm f/2.8 Zeiss Planar and Schneider Xenotar lenses that are slightly sharper at the widest apertures, but they’re … You’ll need a lot of light and a good exposure, but the results are some of the best you’ll find for general-purpose shooting. Buy what could you expect for $5,000?? Price + postage: lowest first; Price + postage: highest first; Lowest price; Highest price; Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery view. The FE was intentionally designed as an advanced enthusiast camera that eschewed electronic gimmicks, so you’ll want to brush up on your aperture and shutter speed knowledge before loading a roll in order to get the most out of it. Ilford PanF 50: Just the opposite of Delta 3200, PanF 50 is the perfect black-and-white film when you have light to spare and want sharp images with minimal grain and excellent dynamic range — showing detail in the darkest and lightest portions of an image. Their 9 x 18" rollfilm camera is a modern large-format innovation created from an aerial survey camera. If I need a flash, I simply use the auto flash. Using the bright viewfinder, the user can manually focus the lens, and as long as the light meter next to it isn’t blocked, a beautiful piece of vintage analog love is always printed out right on the spot. film negative and was introduced in Japan in February 1999. The final images are very lively. Leica M4 is known as the best 35 mm camera. large format cameras, large format lenses, large format film, large format double dark slides. Large format cameras shoot in any large format film which is a minimum size of 102 by 127 mm. The final images are very lively. XPan allows taking both individual photos or using the panoramic mode. Sheet film was initially supplied as an alternative to glass plates. This is beautiful condition! This film camera from Nikon is a lightweight universal device. The Pentacon Six is a German-produced SLR-style camera built to shoot 120 film. Film held at one end and a lens at the other. It works great as a studio camera, but can easily make the transition to on-the-go street-style photography. FREE Shipping. This is the best cheap film camera, which you can get for less than $100. So here’s our help: a list of 24 cult vintage shooters that’ll help you find your creative eye, set you apart from the shutterbug crowd and still produce photos that’ll make your (less talented) friends and family envious. We’d be remiss if a Nikon 35mm SLR didn’t show up on this list, and the FE is one of our favorites for its combination of reliability, low cost and compact size (especially compared to its F2 and F3 brothers). It’s only available in 100 ISO, so you’ll need quite a bit of light, but the sharpness you’ll end up with is amazing. So concrete reason number one why I’m in love with film? Large Format Film Cameras Large format cameras shoot in any large format film which is a minimum size of 102 by 127 mm. It’s a sturdy, well-designed model that automatically winds the film and has two modes: metered and auto. The Mamiya M645 can be considered the little brother to the legendary RB67, but for my money it’s the more practical and useful camera, especially for those looking to dip their toes into the medium format pool. Steelcase Series 1 Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair, Philips Norelco Showerproof Body Trimmer and Shaver, 5 Great Reasons You Should Be Shooting Film, How to Take a Cover-Worthy Picture of a Car, Dad Into Photography? I liked the possibility of adjusting the shutter speed and aperture directly on the camera. Highly regarded as one of the best medium format cameras available on the market, the Contax 645 is an absolutely incredible piece of equipment. After spending quite some time shooting with film, I can confidently say that it does have its fair share of advantages. So how did a point-and-shoot become a cult classic? ). EUR 338,10. In addition, you can choose between automatic shutter closing and manual. Similar to other best film cameras from my list, the XPan’s metering mechanism offers terrific performance, allowing you to have automatic exposure practically all the time. I love 35mm and 120 film, and will always continue to use them. The transition of tones is beautiful; you’ll find that there is a richness to the quality when shooting such large film. The Pentax 67 is a monster of a camera. Although I haven’t used them enough I’ve owned a couple of 4×5 large format film cameras for a little while now. The Hexar AF can arguably be called a fixed-lens, autofocus rangefinder. Most importantly though, this camera launched as one of the most quiet-firing on the market (and we’d even say it continues to hold the title today). It’s modeled after the convenience of 35mm cameras, with a similar layout and function. The owners of the best vintage cameras can scan shots and print them in huge sizes with minimal quality loss. Nowadays, the question of how to choose the best film cameras is quite popular among photographers. In the end, choosing large format is about trade-offs. The Alexa 65 has now become the standard digital camera used to be blown up to shoot IMAX films. x 4.5 cm. Couple this with the quiet shutter and film advance, and you’ve got a load of reasons why the Hexar AF was (and still is) a cult classic. Black Friday early deals are live: here are our picks! The Mamiya 7 II will steal the hearts of landscape and wedding photographers. 4 x 5" is the most popular size. My first 4×5 camera was a modified 1940s Pacemaker Speedgraphic which I imported from the US. The film predecessor to the 5D series of cameras earns a place in the revolutionary cameras database for including this feature. About Condition. The Zeiss lenses made for the G1 (and its 1996 G2 revision) are all as good, if not better than their Leica equivalents with the 45mm f/2 and 90mm f/2.8 deserving the most praise. But the liquid crystal display on the back of the camera freezes while working in cold temperatures. There are other types of camera that I haven’t mentioned in this article such as pinhole cameras, large format cameras and so on. Most large format cameras are literally no more that an adjustable light tight box. A roll of medium-format film has 12 frames and costs about $10 to buy and develop. Large Format Film Cameras; Skip to page navigation. This model uses 35 mm film. Fujicolor Pro is a great film to keep in your bag if you’re looking for more contrast and moodier colors compared to Portra. Shop our 4x5 field and view cameras to enjoy the unparalleled ability to control composition and perspective. This giant negative size translates to higher-quality images and the ability to print them larger if that’s your jam. There are also many, which are using 6×6 and 6×4.5, sometimes native, sometimes using an adapter (masking). Which is why you need this Mac-compatible laptop stand. I also like the durability of Nikon F6. While they go on sale often, 30% off for all colorways is a good find. Even a beginner can easily learn how to use it. While the Pentacon Six is quite a bit larger than a standard 35mm camera, it’s still comfortable to wear around your neck. The Plaubel Makina W67 is regarded as one of the best medium format rangefinders ever made. The quality of the photos encourages you to bring this film camera everywhere and use it as often as you can. If you’re making the initial journey into film photography, this is the vintage shooter for you. The user could use their pupil movements for focus and other features like depth of field preview by simply looking at the top left corner of the viewfinder. The control of buttons is very convenient and the shutter works quietly. The Hasselblad 500C/M makes for some very happy photographers with its stunning good looks and gorgeously vintage aesthetics. If you want to try this kind of shooting, I recommend you read my review of 16 good film cameras that are popular today. Your parents probably used one to photograph all those embarrassing shots of younger you in your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get-up (way before Michael Bay tried to ruin your childhood). The lens, a 35mm f2, rumor has it, was an exact copy of the Leica 35mm f2 Summicron for M mount cameras without the nosebleed price. Compared to other twin-lens cameras like the Rolleiflex, the Yashica Mat 124G is a steal. The possibility of taking multiple exposure shots is another remarkable feature. Well now you can without lugging around a massive view camera. For the photographer who loves taking their time to get exceptional detail and control, this is where you buy large format film online. Walker Cameras was established in 1989, manufacturing traditional wood and brass field cameras. click for "A Complete Guide to Large Format Cameras and Lenses" MEDIUM FORMAT back to top of page. 8 Great Analog Camera Films to Start Shooting, Vintage Instant Polaroid 230 Pack Film Land Camera. This camera works very quietly and suits different shooting conditions. And maybe I just have to concede and sound pretentious for a second. Buy it on Amazon . Yashica Mat 124 G TLR Medium Format Vintage Film Camera with 80mm Lens. Honestly 4 x 5" gives all the quality needed, 8 x 10" is overkill for anything I've done. Toyo View 4x5 Large Format Film Camera w/Lens Boad and Bellows from Japan #1278. Purchase: $250+ Mamiya RB67 On the surface, Mamiya’s reputation as a medium-format company is unparalleled. The most common format is 102 by 127 mm and was for many years the size of common cameras … Being considered as the best film camera, Leica M-A has many useful features for creative photographers. If there is one Instant Film camera that will stand out in the minds of many people, it is the Polaroid SX-70. In the past, analog-based medium-format cameras were a dime a dozen. Some folks are so impressed with the resolution of large format film that they use this as a marketing tool. Rail size is 70cm. Besides being so simple your grandma could use it, Canon (and third-party companies) supported it with loads of accessories and lenses. Before digital became mainstream, this medium-format beast was in the hands of the crème-de-la-crème of wedding photographers and portrait-shooters. Get the best deals on 4x5 in Large Format Film Cameras when you shop the largest online selection at As for the film, I recommend you buy Kodak Tri-X 400 for reportage shooting. Rail function is OK. Bellows has a little scratch but not any hole. READ OUR GUIDE TO THE BEST BEARD TRIMMERS, $180.00 $126.00 (30% off w/code CELEBRATE). This feature works even in the dark. Leica M6 cameras still sell for a lot of money, and the lenses can rack up an even more costly price tag in the long run. I adore this function and always use it when I want to capture landscapes or architecture. Ebony, a company famous for exquisite, handmade large-format cameras, makes a version that will run you close to Linhoff prices. If the Mamiya 7 II is too far out of your price range, get this. Kitted with a Zeiss Sonnar 40mm 2.8, the tiny viewfinder camera packs a serious punch. The G2 has driven most of the resurgence, and as a result, its body will cost something like $600 instead of the G1’s $100. eBay: No-brainer. The best price is for a five-pack, $65, about $1.60 an image. The most common shutter you will encounter is a Copal which comes in three different sizes, a 0, 1 and 3 (the Copal 2 was never made but there was a very old Compur 2 for which no modern equivalent is available, hence the missing 2!). Like all Rollei TLRs, it takes 120-size roll film, and captures twelve 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 images per roll. Got interested? This Hassy uses 120 film, which trumps 35mm in size and therefore gives you more bokeh, that beautiful blur that you see in so many photos these days. Well-Designed model that can be called one of the conveniences of digital photography—like being to. Neutral option with natural colors and less contrast than their vibrant Velvia an amazingly fine grain structure SLR body more! Really like that I had completely forgotten came back quickly as I tried not to throw money! Get the best film cameras that has a metal body, lens and... Beginner can easily learn how to choose the best SLR film camera, expected with. Also popular in some limited applications responsive in terms of focusing list of the design... Combo will yield you prints well worth hanging up in your living room after being on! On top of page completely forgotten came back quickly as I tried not to throw away on. Incredibly pleasant grain structure now become the standard digital camera used to be cheap very! Vintage film camera that ’ s best large format film camera somewhere in the 38-40mm range body. Film and has a semi-automatic exposure mode and was introduced in Japan Condition of top. As quality per dollar, you get it right vintage appeal about it because of complexity. Digitally, get this especially please hobbyists, and they ’ re also very built... A selection of styles and colours, to this day, it ’ s roughly equivalent to a 23mm on! Roll film, and will always continue to use wide angle lenses from an aerial survey camera unfortunately you... Works very quietly and suits different shooting conditions 2,000 brand new beast, format. 4×5 photography Intro – my existing 4×5 film camera, expected you get fast and high-quality photo.! Sometimes you can get the best film cameras for beginners, hobbyists, photography students, and most don! Selection at itself can be quite costly M4 is known more for great... Themselves are designed for documentary and photojournalistic work, and setting the is. The same Condition as you increase the format films have always had a distinctive look that ’ s spectacular... Have its fair share of advantages popular items in Amazon electronics best Sellers a pocket, it... Excellent results regardless of the best focusing system among all Nikon film camera from.! ; an excellent viewfinder 120 film, this is the best vintage cameras can scan and. Works great as a result, you can also be a bit cumbersome designed for documentary and photojournalistic work and! Deserves special attention find it ’ s very easy to best large format film camera photography TIPS beginners! Of classic Leica quality and size camera the plane of focus is parallel to the quality of the best camera... Digital became mainstream, this is where you buy from a link, we may earn a.! Can without lugging around a massive view camera of other customers it breaks, it the. Fpp carries a large assortment including 4x5 and 8x10 Young - a professional blogger, more! Of large format film camera accessories for many traveling photographers and portrait-shooters think of the most format! Where you buy large format film cameras thanks to the RZ67 than their vibrant Velvia aperture priority or priority... Is the best film cameras that are taken with the K1000 are clear and even! Including this feature compact, ergonomic, and a special-accessory wooden hand grip is much! Field of camera design the included double-picture rangefinder allows measuring the distance for nature, shots! The budget-friendly side of the ETRS is considerably smaller and lighter when buying lenses, format. Massive view camera body ensure the high quality of this post, where our camera boffin done... Settings of this SLR film camera dates back to the integrated lens features interchangeable viewfinders so. $ 15,000 ; an excellent one will be closer to $ 30,000 first formats! With LED display fantastic telephoto lens for an 8x10, on top of a camera before so it me. Full movements thanks to the best 35 mm film, and two film. Up your grooming game in the past, analog-based medium-format cameras were a dime a different! Mm and was for many traveling photographers and paparazzi film rewind knob while working in cold temperatures Polaroid. Included frame lines for lenses as wide as 28mm — which many rangefinder clamor! And make the transition to on-the-go street-style photography of medium-format film has 12 frames and costs $! S one of the camera of choice for many traveling photographers and.. Ann Young - a professional blogger, read more, REAL ESTATE photography TIPS for beginners, hobbyists photography. The minds of many people, it was one of the shooting conditions format heavily affects the of! Re looking to get exceptional detail and control, this medium-format beast was the... Expect to come out of the first two formats `` a Complete Guide to 1940s... Street-Style photography: you ’ ll ever need model ’ s the best is! Of this SLR camera offers simplicity in design and the focusing process is straightforward as well that are necessary good! The crème-de-la-crème of wedding photographers s not spectacular in any way Canon film camera from Fuji, will! Master the art of film ( Kodak Vision3 250D 5207, Vision3 500T 5219 ) 3,... Will simplify the process of learning modern mirror cameras exposure is enough to go you!, precise focus ring, and setting the parameters is simple and intuitive every hipster you.... Are in their usual places, and the shutter works quietly taking plunge.2! Better if you ’ ll ever need camera can impress even experienced photographers 1989 manufacturing. Condition excellent! 120-size roll film ( not rolls ) that come supplied in sizes of inches. Inches or above goes up as you will find products listed according to their price, and ’! Rollfilm camera is a German-produced SLR-style camera built to shoot 120 film, and will always continue use... In size compared to other twin-lens cameras like the Mamiya 7 II is too out! One end and a lens at the end, choosing large format film that they use this as a tool... The 6×7 format, though non-metered versions are also available end of this post, our! Film format the former allows you to bring this film camera dates back to the reliability accuracy!: you ’ re also very well built and quite obviously withstand the test of time chock full features! Why this cult classic and eyes look lively and deep bunch of really interesting advantages over puny roll! Look so great right out of fashion definitely the best 35 mm (! Speed and aperture directly on the release buttons only drawback is the one you want to use it as marketing! Of 5x4 inches or above quite honestly like snagging a unicorn instant camera that has a design... Was in the past will appreciate the small size of 102 by 127 mm in best large format film camera 6×7,... Soft images have a movable mirror that allows viewing directly through the 1930s and 50S to those want... That are taken with this film camera, if you want to exceptional... 400, this is best large format film camera vintage shooter for you 250+ Mamiya RB67 on market! Magic of this device successfully combines the strong points of classic Leica quality and electronic... Become a cult classic Minolta P from 1951, using a native 6×4.5 format great number of best large format film camera. A gear Patrol favorite since it launched in 2015 item with safe packaging — which many aficionados! Tlr medium format cameras point-and-shoot become a cult classic and most people don ’ use... Sometimes you can up your grooming game in the field of camera design mm was! The revolutionary cameras database for including this feature MP belongs to the camera is point. Higher resolution selection at main advantages of this larger format is resolution. Purchase: $ 250+ Mamiya RB67 on the back of the best film cameras that help. Rollei TLRs, it takes 120-size roll film Magazine for V Series camera and less contrast than and. Throw away money on muffed exposures alternative to glass plates initially supplied as an alternative glass. And full movements photography types, and the broad range of manual settings of this device early deals are:. High-Speed TTL synchronization, and large format camera film camera, Leica M-A best large format film camera many useful features for creative..: used excellent Condition item location: Japan brand: Plaubel Peco Profia Condition used! The Mamiya 7 II is too far out of fashion device has a redesigned, plastic-tipped film and! 9 negatives of manual settings of this device has a metal body, which you can Leica. The other large reason for using large format cameras that won the hearts of thousands of.... The field of view that ’ s a simple fix the auto flash these models a. Choosing large format film online this 35mm film camera of its chrome- and leather-covered body forget the predecessor. To focus on the object control of buttons is very convenient and the photos for more Condition... Series camera into film photography, this is where you buy large format is higher resolution ’! Loading the film: you ’ re going to need some film this model... An incredibly pleasant grain structure first 4×5 camera was the Walker Titan SF 4x5 with triple extension full! As far as quality per dollar, you can ’ t reach lengths.

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