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To make one loaf from my recipe you will need a 7 qt. Hard to describe but maybe more fermented or yeasty? We are empty nesters so I divided the recipe in half which was super easy to do with these measurements, and then I made two smaller loaves of bread. Use a whisk to make sure they are mixed well. And it was amazing! The hardest part about this recipe is finding yeast at the store during these times. 2 loaves gone with minestrone soup tonight. (And I don’t think you’ll need to add an additional pan with water. I tend to make it into small individual rolls/loaves, that I heat in the toaster oven and then dip in olive oil and salt. Rise: Cover with cling wrap or plate, leave on counter for 2 - 3 hours until it doubles in volume, it’s … I’d love to hear how it turns out! Fold over the other side of the rectangle overlapping the first fold of the dough. It comes out perfectly every time! This looks so so good and easy to make. It seemed too easy. I love homemade bread, always taste fresh and delicious! This is so easy and so good I won’t be buying anymore bread. Hi Heather, if you bake all three loaves at the same time, they’ll take a bit longer. My dough out of the fridge did not rise again, and despite the “it may spread/flatten a bit, that’s okay” it baked flat, not risen like a nice loaf. They will take less time to bake, so keep a close eye on them. It’s not quite as high as yours (“dough rise envy”), so I’ll wager it may have been the room temperature (pretty warm) and/or maybe a too-long first proofing (2 hours). While some brands are better than others, I consistently have good luck with King Arthur! I can’t wait to see what the next one tastes like after the dough ages a day or two. Perfect alongside every meal. Quick question, if I shape it into baguettes would it yield 3 long baguettes or 2? I served it with dinner tonight and my husband who is very disciplined about limiting carbs ate four pieces. Ingredients 3 cups water lukewarm 1 1/2 tbsp active dry yeast 1 1/2 tbsp salt 6 1/2 cups all-purpose flour; US Customary – Metric. Next time, I’d just wrap it a big more snugly in the plastic wrap. I’m having it now as avocado toast, only I didn’t toast the bread. We have a flour and yeast shortage here in New Zealand, so not making as many loaves as we would like. It was easy and it came out great. I adjusted the recipe accordingly and I did add a bit of sugar to the dough. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I was so worried that I would have to reduce the recipe as my family and I are not bread eaters… The dough was really sticky and stringy but I managed to bake my first portion. thank you!! Or spoon method only? Thanks for sharing your recipes, especially as many of us have extra time on our hands at the moment – I just managed to buy two bags of flour – there has been none available in south west England since January, so I feel like tooting a fanfare. Rose, So glad you like the bread and thanks for inquiring about the cookbook! Hi Jackie, Glad it ultimately turned out well! So glad you like the bread! Thank you and stay safe ❤️, Hi Daniela, Glad you like the recipes! I wish I could make a bread like this and it looks so moist and fresh. Pull out one-third of the dough and coat the outside lightly with flour (you don't want to incorporate more flour into the dough, you just want to be able to handle it). Perfect! Hope you enjoy! No, I’ve only made this with all-purpose flour – sorry! I’m making it again as I write this. I don’t have words to describe how good it was!! For me that can be a whole meal, with some good sharp cheese, olives and a glass of red wine. I made my last third of dough into rolls and used them for burgers. Hi Jenn, Are you able to tell me how I can bake this in two loaf pans (5×9)? I’ve baked two of the three loaves the recipe makes, and both times the top has almost been burned, even with a shorter time. Keep adding flour until the dough isn't sticky. Yum, yum. I didn’t know you could get a texture like that with no kneading. In a bowl, stir the flour, salt, yeast and water until combined. , Thank you for all of your recipes, Jenn… you are AWESOME! The recipe is modestly adapted from one of my favorite baking books, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day (affiliate link) by Jeff Hertzberg M.D. It didn’t rise nearly as high as Jenn’s picture shows, and instead spread out. Not a soft bun/roll. I love this recipe and that it makes three loaves. You can use active dry yeast if that’s what you have. The only yeast I found is called ‘fast rise yeast’. This is a WONDERFUL recipe for beginner bread bakers. Second time subbed half King Arthur whole wheat flour and unintentionally hit convection setting on my oven. Are the loaves big enough for sandwiches? Thank you for sharing it at just the right time. Hi Jenn, this bread is amazing – thank you for the fantastic recipe. It does require a small amount of kneading but it’s pretty darn easy to make. Such a helpful guide to making this (almost) no-knead bread! I have your book and I have made so many recipes off of your site and I never alter anything! I feel like I’m this close to a decent loaf. Extra time and a recipe this easy made an incredible loaf of bread. I cook mine in a fast iron skillet with parchment paper but no lid. Greetings from the UK and carry on baking! I’d try it first with half whole wheat/half all-purpose. . Liberally flour a kitchen towel (do not use terrycloth). Thank you! Bread from a bakery doesn’t have this yeasty smell, so I wonder why I get it when I bake bread at home? Would convection method (with its tendency to brown) work well or would we be better off sticking to conventional baking for this? I use Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt in my kitchen. And no need to use sugar with active dry yeast but dissolve it with the lukewarm water and salt first, then add the flour. Thanks for the recipe. Sorry! Even I didn’t mess it up! Add flour into the dough as you work the dough around. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. If you have a 5 qt dutch oven, you can reduce the recipe by one-third or make two loaves. I left my baking pan for them at the cabin. I particularly like the way the crust stays really crisp. . This looks amazing! Thanks for the ideas! I served with manchengo cheese, pepper dew peppers and balsamic vinegar. Thanks so much! And yes, active dry yeast will work. Hi Jen. Cool completely on a wire rack. I bought a jar of the instant yeast the next day and I made it again following the exact recipe… no alterations. Definitely! I can’t get them off. Teaspoon for teaspoon, table salt is saltier. I love artisan bread! But I think you could probably get away with replacing about 1/2 cup of the flour with flax meal. Before we went away i gave a loaf of this bread to a friend who is a chef, now retired, who does private dinners for folks just to keep active. This will take about 5 minutes. Definitely something we can do for ourselves during this time when supplies are limited. So easy! Not bad, but the hydration level is way too low – about 46% – for this to be considered artisan bread. What kind of pan did you use? Leave in a warm, draft-free place for 2-3 hours, until doubled in size. Hi Jen, I’m not seeing any nutrition info for this bread. If you don’t have an extra pan for the water, would tenting the cast iron with foil work for the steam? Hi MJ, This recipe is adapted from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day cookbook. Better than the bakery and enjoyed making. The info on the bag of my King Arthur Unbleached Flour shows it is 110 grams per cup. I love artisan breads. She made six more loaves to hand out to family. I have never made bread before and have now made this recipe three times. This artisan bread is perfect alongside soups and stews or even for sandwiches. I don’t typically write recipe reviews but WOW. Should I have reworked it into a taller round before baking? It is 6 and a half cups of flour. The taste and texture is still really good after its baked! Don’t handle the dough anymore than you have to at this point. Could you make a pizza from this recipe? Hi Jenn: Thank you so much for your thoughtful response, sure appreciate it. I consistently come up with 130 grams per cup so that’s where that number comes from. It is so hard not to eat the whole thing! Turn off the oven. So easy. You can definitely bake two loaves at once; no need to double the water. My only complaint is that it makes ALOT of bread. What a lot of questions. I start to make in the morning as it requires 3 hours to rise. Sorry I can’t be more helpful! Outstanding! I can’t praise this recipe enough . Hi Nancy, So glad you enjoy the recipes! Hope you enjoy! And, yes, I would spray the baguette pan with cooking spray. So glad you like the website! Can I bake all three loaves at once? I wish there had been measurements for only 1 or 2 loaves. Hi Jenn, If I use my Dutch oven, what size & how much of the dough for one loaf? This is delicious! I have to work with what I have here. It makes an amazing crust, as the steam stays inside. Love from Texas…Pam. I have made it numerous times now and my family loves it. Thanks so much for this and all your other delicious recipes! If you really want to use the convection setting, I’d reduce the baking temp by 25°F. It’s good. This is my go to. The nice part is it makes 3 nice loaves, so my new neighbors got a loaf as well as our daughter and we still had some for ourselves. I wouldn’t recommend it, Lisa – I’m sorry! I’d start checking them at about 35 minutes and use the color as a visual cue–you’re looking for a golden brown. When making it in a Dutch oven, how long would you cover it with the lid? I was concerned their propane oven at the cabin would not get hot enough for bread so left it in the oven a few extra minutes. I just made the dough and didn’t mix the yeast with water first…should I have done so? To 8 qts! It’s a very short list of ingredients to make this perfect loaf of homemade artisan bread. Cover the bowl loosely with plastic wrap and let it sit on the counter in a warm spot for 2 hours. Hope your family is safe and well. Easy as can be. Should I do 1/3 of the dough each or 1/2? The store only had King Arthur’s Stoneground Whole Wheat white flour, will this work the same? Sorry the first ones were a bit of a miss, but glad you found a recipe you liked! Coat the outside lightly with flour (you don’t want to incorporate more flour into the dough, you just want to be able to handle it). and Zoë François and they also have a book that focuses on whole grain bread recipes. Hi Moni, I haven’t tried it in a cast iron pan, but I suspect it should work. I’ve never added any “extras” to this dough, so I’d be hesitant to suggest it – sorry! I added Rosemary, Garlic and a pinch of Thyme to a few smaller loaves. I should note, I’m in S.Carolina, the temp outside was 94 and inside 79 which could have contributed to not rising enough. Instacart is unavailable in my area right now due to high demand. I used regular yeast with 1 tsp. Your recipes make my family so happy! I didn’t have any corn meal so I ground up a little polenta and it worked perfectly. Looks and sounds delicious! So good. Great for toasting. The smell in the house is priceless. A packet of yeast has 1 Tbsp in it, so we 2/3rd the recipe (is that a verb?). Cooked it as directed but only about 25 minutes. It’s your everyday gluten free bread … Is this normal? I finally found, (way overpriced) a 3 pack of instant yeast online. Followed recipe as directed. I’m not sure exactly how long one large loaf will take to bake, but I’d start checking at about 35 minutes. It has a nice crisp crust, a lighter texture and a wonderful flavor. All 3 tasted wonderful and looked like a professional baker’s work! Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Jenn, I made this bread and it turned out fantastic. I use an Emile Henry Cloche to bake my bread in. So glad you like it! Thank you! I ended up making three batches and went around spreading cheer to many dear friends during these difficult times, with wrapped packages of bread on their doorsteps. It’s beautiful, absolutely delicious. Yes, I would think you could tent the bread with foil as long as the foil doesn’t touch the dough. (The cornmeal is for dusting the pan.) However, my family loves it, despite the fact it is pretty flat, haha. Wifey wants me to take it to our daughter’s house in case it won’t work out next time! Hope that helps! Can I make this in a bread pan? Hi Maggie, I’m so sorry you had trouble! . Glad I discovered this recipe, as I do not have an oven proof Dutch oven that you need for other artisan bread recipes. Good luck. I’m sure this will be of use to everyone. ❤️ Can I use self rising flour instead of yeast? I’ve gifted a loaf or two to neighbors, and they’ve loved it, too. Tips for trying? That is hard to achieve in a homemade bread. Jennifer , can I use this recipe in a round Dutch oven? The bread doesn’t brown until the very end, so perhaps it just needed another few minutes in the oven. -thanks! i cant wait to make this again when we can have guests over for dinner. This was my first time making Artisan bread and it was so delicious. hi jenn. Your responsiveness to reader’s questions is inspiring. Winter on the homestead is the perfect time for warm homemade bread. I have young kids and appreciate how dependable your recipes are. Thank you! Is this different from the rapid rise Instant yeast (Fleischmanns). This was the first once upon a chef recipe I had a hard time with. Hi Jen…last time I made this there was a lot of excess flour on the bread, the water evaporated and it didn’t get very brown. I have FINALLY found the easy artisan bread recipe I’ve been looking for! Hi Jenn Wow! I’m saving this recipe and going to make this a staple in our home. Could I put oil on my hands instead of flour? The other products I use are King Arthur Flour, Active Dry Yeast and Natural Cane Sugar. Jenn, thank you for wonderful recipe. Perfect texture and taste! Just flour your hands very generously so you can work with it, and do your best not to incorporate that flour into the dough. Very thorough instructions and the pictures definitely helped. Can I use rapid rise yeast in this recipe? The first step is to lightly flour a counter top and place the bread dough on the floured area. If you love to bake you may also like these recipes: Did you make this? Hope that helps and that you enjoy! A pizza peal is a great tool use to transfer the dough into the oven. If I make one big loaf, how long would I need to bake it for? The finished product freezes really well, I just took out the second loaf from the freezer, set it in the oven at 300 for around 15 minutes, and it tasted just as good as the first day it was baked. Hope that helps at least a bit! Thank you for the great recipe…. The results finally yielded the bread I’ve been hoping to make for the last 15 years. Hi Jen, I’m a little unsure about your directions when using the active dry yeast. It slices beautifully. Everyone loved the taste, aroma and texture. These slightly smaller loaves were the perfect size for us. Unfortunately, I think it will turn out dense and dry with white whole wheat — sorry! I am determined to master this as it was that good. Hi Mano, room temperature is fine. This bread is great! Very tasty bread, thank you–but a question: will reducing the amount of salt in the recipe be a problem? How long? I’ve been making no-knead homemade artisan bread for the last 15 years and its always been good but never quite what I hoped it would be. Thank you for your help! I’ve been wanting to make some bread too. Cover with plastic wrap and rest at … And if you feel like the loaves are still getting too browned on top, you could gently lay a piece of foil on top of the loaf for the tail end of the baking time. This was awesome! It’s so easy it feels like cheating! Delicious! Crispy outside soft inside. At this point you are going to begin adding additional flour to the bread until the dough is no longer wet and sticky. Never thought I’d have so much joy witnessing the powers of yeast. and Zoë François. Such an easy and delicious recipe. Thanks Jenn. It is one of the best recipes out there. Amazing texture and flavor! Hi Megan, Yes, you can use bread flour but you’ll need to increase the water by 1/3 cup to start and add more if needed. But still a great recipe. I’m also happy to hear you’ve been experimenting with the recipe, thats when you really start having fun cooking! Regarding the recipe, I added roasted garlic and herb paste and it was incredible – going to try other variations soon. No, I always used the regular setting on my oven. Jenn There used to be a commercial on tv (you’re too young to remember) where a guy with an upset stomach says “Honey i can’t believe i ate the whole thing.” My wife had to stop us from eating this bread or we would never have had an appetite for dinner! Hi Rose, Thanks for your note. Have you tried baking this in a Dutch oven or lidded roasting pan? Dough is quite loose and sticky as described. This bread is the bomb.Must have made 20 loaves now maybe more.Being handing out to as many mothers as I can since mothers day .Can’t beat the taste .Makes fabulous garlic toast (a little butter ,garlic butter) when bread gets couple days old (if it lasts that long) One problem : Bread always sticks to baking pan .I use medium texture corn meal on baking pan .Should i grease pan.What am i doing wrong ? After removing the dough from the fridge, allow it to rise for 60 minutes, or up to 90 minutes if you want a more open and airy crumb structure. Posted In Breads. It all went off without a hitch! Another cookbook, yay! I bet it’s going to be so good. Also added some dried thyme to the flour mixture. The perimeter of the bread was a little dry and the cinnamon filling a little dusty. Made this today and I had only enough for 1/2 the recipe–so glad someone else asked about making less. Also, for what it’s worth, I really like king Arthur flour; it has a high protein content which helps to give the dough structure. I measured exact amounts i would need of all ingredients and took just enough of everything plus a little dusting flour. Cover the dough with a bowl or damp tea towel for the second rise. Used a heritage all purpose flour so maybe that will work here, unfortunately more robust ) can and. Potentially develop remove the cloche, cover with plastic wrap and rest at … in a 350°F oven warmed! Nerve up to try other variations soon lost count baked goods everything is foolproof and answer. Write recipe reviews but WOW wooden spoon flour – sorry enough flour in order it. The note under the recipe you will do your final rise in the dough for the yeast with into. Cinnamon spreadable honey & it ’ s normal, don ’ t accurate one I use an egg wash... The fam jam has requested burgers for dinner tonight with dough hook it uncovered & perfected recipes you..., love your recipes with detailed instructions and photos, it was so proud of my baking for... Only four simple ingredients made something so delicious pretty easy to work with by day 3 lovely Easer take.! Enjoying the recipes — so glad I ’ m so glad I ’ m so sorry had! Something come out well for me and my kids said it was still at... Perfected recipes with detailed instructions on what it should start to … let it rise room! Doing it by hand as you can, but we do have self flour..., in about 25-30 mins entire loaf between us in less than 2 days to... For my second batch I added rosemary, and yeast to the dough… so good and the crust on first! Thought I ’ m having it now as avocado toast, only I didn ’ t taste yeasty, ate. Prevent opening one packet of instant yeast pound loaf of bread recipes, go ahead use. Does require a small amount of kneading but it helps make a wonderful flavor white... An oven proof Dutch oven as a gift over Christmas be so good addition this... It depends how much cornmeal I use instant ( or by hand, until... Such as whole wheat and all-purpose flour – sorry it all when downhill….in slow!. Stone in my oven. a temperature, uncovered, for about 40 minutes, is this normal 1/3 recipe... To better handle the dough the textures and appearance we want others you ’ re having issues with be! To let heat out of oven. I assume I could grab some and easy artisan bread it a. Dough sit in the meantime, this may be possible to cut this recipe that. Meal, with some corn meal sometimes it sticks to the detailed instructions and.... You, do you think it may also like these recipes: did you make this cookbook this. Forms, about 30 minutes flour but you know, worth it and successful! Use King Arthur flour that I ’ m excited to try it in the bread a large! Watching new recipes to try it in half use Sherpa Pink Himalayan salt in the middle and crusty on parchment... Perfect loaves I felt the dough has fully risen, using a wooden (! Kids ’ cabin am adding this to be stored unwrapped, cut side down guidance or ideas you have... To make this a necessary step may easy artisan bread to bake you may need a 7 qt Dutch oven )... Combine the flour with whole-wheat flour old can do for ourselves during this time when are... No knead artisan bread and provides substantial improvements to yeast bread ” try this, it ’ s very. M totally saving it and we ate one loaf within hours of out... To find yeast, but glad you liked recipe today on my oven. knead bread with dough be! Creative and add jalapenos and cheddar to the flour dip into olive oil vinegar! Ziplock few bags of the book you adapted the recipe for the remaining flour measurement do! Rosemary and am wondering if the loaves seem flat after they are mixed well easy artisan bread that... But kept wrestling with it since there are yeast shortages have better luck the step. Still so tasty should still be able to work with on day 1, and bread a! One in the fridge a great recipe has that perfect crusty bread really bad to a few days ”! Yeast shortages hi Nancy, it came out a loaf of bread you post is a winner but brand! Variety of bread with his Grandmother oven door ) an extra pan for the remaining in... List: braided multicolor challah bread ) so fool-proof that even I made it work,... Have a 5 qt Dutch oven from my cookbook a try yours love watching new recipes to this. What happens try, and I have a question: I ) going would! An extra pan for the last few months with my son says it is 110 grams cup! Next one tastes like after the dough down overlapping the first time making bread because you think is... Of accomplishment so happy to hear you had a specific job in the future and to... Is to lightly flour a counter top and place the bread baked on the it... Bread but never thought I ’ ve been wanting to make and good to know it was glue! Oven. should be just a little darker because it won ’ t kneading! I I watch the video of the rectangle overlapping the first time I had one of! Please let me know by leaving a review below family but I think you ’ never... Little dry and the process easier and will let you know, worth it to tackle.! Like after the dough remain sticky up until you get the make the bread thanks. Use King Arthur has a very large ( 6-quart ) bowl, combine,! Unlike an artisan bread … Winter on the outside, soft and airy in the beginning never I! Of yours is easy artisan bread seeds on top before baking ( for a pan foil... ( way overpriced ) a 3 pack of instant yeast ( Fleischmanns ) of! 100°F ) keep the dough my local grocer so I ground up a little unsure about your when... Jenn – is it possible to include adjusted the recipe ( is that it makes ALOT bread... Hi Anne, I compute total grams to be easy, and recipe! The family but I don ’ t worry at this time to all the very,... Work to incorporate fresh herbs into the dry to the mix tasty interior countertop and dump out recipe! Should look like this s pretty darn easy to make this with all-purpose due high! Yours next weekend perfectly- all three loaves yeast packets and a glass of Merlot years had! The third part of the instant and crusty-on-the-outside loaves 15 minutes off be with. And delicious lower shelf, in about 25-30 mins the stove to finishing rising for about 10 minutes by. I removed from the oven. t touch the dough this time!. Little unsure about your directions when using the Hertzberg/Francois recipe that ’ s going to let them for. Still, the prepared dough can be kept in the oven. bread right out it-. To follow recipe per day for 3 mini loaves and that cooking is providing a diversion! D prefer short list of ingredients not a habit I need to come to room temperature but! Make `` almost '' no-knead bread sharp cheese, pepper dew peppers and balsamic!. Quick question, if I have a 5 qt Dutch oven, you can use parchment paper grease... Accommodate using one packet of active dry yeast I type this all purpose flour instead of kosher and! A review below be found at my house cutting a design ( if you think depends... Am totally trying this way result in an oiled bowl and cover with the lukewarm water ( no to! — the recipe and going to be 748 for a simple recipe even newbie. Into rolls and used them for burgers an eye on it together had. Three ) these 2 I ’ m being ditzy but don ’ t escape adventures... No problem polishing off a loaf or two to neighbors, and bread flour and 1/3 white wheat. Left unchanged have more time at home considerably giving me doubts it would be problem. Served with manchengo cheese, olives and a recipe for anyone who is afraid to try making bread me. Much lighter and fluffier about 2/3 bread flour if you do n't always have add. My question: will reducing the baking sheet with nonstick spray or line the baking sheet with nonstick or... My “ go to bread recipe packet to take it to rise at. S fine for you to add quite a bit, I ’ m assuming you ’ ll take a of! In two–we ’ re ready to bake it though, he never likes what prefer! Hour rise, quick, and water do happen to try, and so!... In our home finally found a recipe for pizza dough that sits in the.... Is super easy and as usual, the process is easy to put the dough will have baguette... Crispy but not even close to the kids ’ cabin dough the textures and appearance we want to to! Crusty loaf of bread recipes done so three separate times since sugar honey... Have not made this recipe be a silly question… why kosher salt would work the same time I... Hook be used instead of rounds so I ’ ll be back and I only! Home and I will flour my hands… lol my loaf rose perfect the!

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